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As Admiral Farragut said at Mobile Bay during the Civil War:

"Damn The Torpedoes


 Full Speed Ahead!"



An Opportunity


I want to engage my Self and Others in discussions of the current state of the United States, and by extension and inclusion the Planet, a vision of what the future could possibly become.


I want to challenge my Self and Others to think both inside and outside the proverbial “box” without tired cliches, mindless arguments, blame, and guilt, and all other diversions, all with a stated purpose and desire to recreate and improve the greatest opportunity the world has yet seen.


I want to engage in fruitful and thoughtful discussions without the usual rancor, sarcasm, cynicism, and posturing that passes for conversation in many other, if not most, venues.


I want to challenge my Self and Others to write openly, honestly, intelligently, and with appropriate humor.


I want to create a forum for thinking, intelligent, perceptive, and creative individuals who support the precepts of responsibility, freedom, and accountability in all that they say, write, do and are.


I capitalize the words Self and Others to indicate that we are- in my limited knowledge - the highest form of evolved animal life as measured by accomplishments, and yet we are in danger of succumbing to the lowest common denominator of humanity as evidenced in most news feeds one may care to view and cite.


I invite you enter what I intend to be a vessel of thoughts, ideas, insights, and most of all, inspired thinking and communicating, to further the original goals of the United States (and by extension and inclusion, the rest of the Planet, and even beyond) to become even better and more inspired, in order to go further in:


Pursuit of Freedom (Internal and External)


Accountability To Self and Others


Prosperity in Mind, Spirit, and Body


Intelligent Sharing of

Useful, Penetrating, Inspiring, and Enlivening Thoughts And Ideas


I think, believe, and assert that all is possible with the support, commitment, and participation of the right people, as defined by Themselves.


I invite contributions of thoughts, ideas, in written and spoken forms.


“El Loco”

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